Wednesday 9 March 2011

Female Mechanics

On CNN a few days ago, there was a video about female mechanics in Nigeria. Glad that we had made the global news positively for once, I posted it on my facebook page and here are some of the responses.

1.This ain't rite(not being sexist) lool. Which guy wants a mechanic wife?????

2.Its better than having people out of job in a lawless society...where some women/men are struggling to feed their family. Who knows, maybe they can start their own businesses and employ some of the unemployed people. Just a thought.

3.Yes!!!!....women are becoming powerful!!!!......stop hating....

4.Times are hard sha. These babes will beat some guys oh!

5.I think a lady mechanic wife will come in handy.
a) She knows the value of money
b)She knows and feels the blood and sweat that goes into making money
c) She will be more kind on her husband
d) And she will be strong for all errm... purposes

I know why people would feel there was something subversive about women changing tyres. We've been told from birth that such things are 'a man's job.' But really, if we would only be rational. After all nobody came out of the womb knowing how to fix a carburettor. The things you learn are the things you can do. Professional ability has nothing to do with gender. Anyways, watch and see what you think.

1 comment:

  1. I know. So cool. Thought it was funny that she stressed the fact that the girls still aim to look chic.


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