Saturday 9 July 2011

SAN Class of 2011

I don't understand why anyone would wear a scratchy wig and a black gown in such heat. The sweat collecting on them could probably irrigate a farm. Someone needs to redesign ASAP. This colonial mentality has gone too far.


  1. i believe they wear this in the UK too.Maybe there's just something abt the uniform that makes them feel special.They don't seem to have any issues with it. So how's your book going?Last time you mentioned your deadlines

  2. The gown can be made lighter, it can't be heavier than the kabieyesi's Agbada. But yeah, the wig got to go.

  3. Haha, this is true Myne. The Kabiyesi's Agbada is probably lighter... And stelzz I've spoken to one lawyer, and she probably isn't the only one, who has issues with the wig and gown. If you're not working in a court that is air conditioned with enough diesel to power a generator, then sorry for you.

    The deadlines are still there. I'm just miniblogging so the site isn't too dead.

  4. Also yeah. That wig is just so ridiculous. At least they should make one with grey afro hair, a la Wole Soyinka.

  5. Interesting blog. Dropped by via a link on Twitter.

    Interesting that Nigerian lawyers also rock the colonial gown & horse-hair wig look as do lawyers here in Kenya.

    But Kenyan courts are soon to witness a change for the better, following our newly appointed Chief Justice Willy Mutunga's plan to relax the dress code for Kenyan judges and lawyers. Supreme court judges will not wear the gown & wig. And lawyers can even wear dreadlocks and studs in court, provided they appear presentable and neat!

    All these sweeping changes were announced on the CJ's Facebook page shortly after his appointment

    Oh! Did I mention that the new Chief Justice wears a stud?

    Truly a new dawn for Kenya's judiciary!

    Full story at this link

  6. Interesting. First I'm hearing of this. Thanks for the link.


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