Thursday 31 May 2012

Interview on Bellanaija

Please tell us a bit about yourself – what you do; your education and where you grew up.
My full name is Imachibundu Oluwadara Onuzo – Oluwadara because my mother is Yoruba; Imachibundu because my father is Igbo. I grew up in a very quiet estate in Lagos. I know almost all my neighbours by name and in turn most of them know me as ‘one of Dr. Onuzo’s daughters.’ Both my parents are doctors and are still practising. My primary school was called Corona Gbagada. Our school anthem described us as ‘the centre of excellence’ a motto borrowed from my much beloved Lagos State. I then proceeded to Atlantic Hall where once a week we sang lustily, ‘We love thee o, Great Atlantic Hall.’ It was perhaps an attempt by the anthem writer to brainwash us unruly adolescents. After three years at ‘A-Hall’ as her alumni call her, I went to St. Swithuns, a school in Winchester, where I perfected my phonetics and shortened my name to ‘Chibs.’ I then went to University in London, King’s College, where I dropped my phonetics and lengthened my name once more to Chibundu. Now, on the cusp of graduation, as I prepare for the next phase in my life; perhaps, I will assume the name of Dara.

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  1. Great interview, now feel I know you much better :)

  2. that was a great interview. Well done and congratulations on your book!

  3. Loved the interview! A fellow procrastinator (*hug*). Yeah, we can deal with that bad habit tomorrow :-)

    It seems to me that some people think you have no business believing in God as an artist. But like you said, thank God I can pray.

  4. Great destiny well harnesd....Talent well pursuit.
    Determination take you into another realm of liFe,because it expands thinking faculty.
    you've done well not only for your self,but for all Nigerians as well and has gone extreme already.
    could this be limelight we all desire?..yea it is.
    but could it be sustained? ofcourse it could be.....only when you bring your head down,wear humble like your gown.....and most importantly continue thanking your God as will see,the sky will be your starting point.


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