Tuesday 26 June 2012

Guardian Comment is Free

Here's a piece I wrote for the Guardian comment is free about Boko Haram and Nigeria. Read it here.

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  1. I wish you could buy some time to read this long comment. You see chi,am so happy that a concerned Igbo youth would summon courage to write about the unity of Nigeria when majority youths out there especially we Igbo are clamouring for BIAFRA.
    Ofcourse i shouldn't be against a course our people embarked on,but my worry is for things be done in a proper way. If hausa want to go,let the go in peace without shedding blood,thesame with other tribes. So am only advocating for peace and for the right thing to be done.
    Issue of Nigeria is a very complex one,very complicated if i may say. Nigeria has not been properly handly by our past leaders.who are they and where are they from? From the NORTH. For many years these people held power and mismanage Nigeria resourses,boko haram did not spring up. When Gen.Obasanjo was in power,they wanted to try him after his first tenure but couldn't because the man was a former millitary man.
    And because of their over ambition and desperation,the man refused to return power to them even when it was agreed that after his tenure,a northen would take over. But on due course,due to wide consultation and deliberation for the interest of peace,Obasanjo returned power to them but now to a half dead man with the intention to use a related southeast-south south man as deputy. The northern elders rejected the man,sensing since the man obasanjo agree to hand over to was not that strong,the half Igbo man,might plot and take over,thats how Jonathan become a wide agreed candidate for the office of Vice president. Obasanjo,knowing full well,what will happen later,he played along with them.

    Two years,some months later,as expected,Mr President died,the northern elders thought the can twist the constitution,but the couldn't,hijacked the office of the president thereby hitting the polity with wide spread rumores. Thanks to they Senate and House of Reps leaders who made sure they proper thing was done. And power was handed over to Jonathan the Vice President.
    When obasajo left,the north thought the have reclaimed the power,which the deed,but never knew it was just a mirage thats why we see things like BOKO HARAM today.
    Jonathan meant well for Nigeria and Nierians and was divinely elected by Nigerians. He was out to perform and transform Nigeria,but the Northern leaders sees that as threat towards reclaiming power come 2015. They know if the relax and allow Jonathan preform well,people will start advocating for his second term which is already happening now.
    Nigeria is like an opposing elements which it reactions is usually urgly when joint togather. So what do you do? You start thinking of a way to manage them seperately inorder to avoid such reaction. This is exactly what Mr President has been doing. Trying to manage the people of Nigeria with a view one day he will find lasting solution. Ofcourse it will happen soon because the north are now trying to rope the southwest leaders into their agenda not only to penetrate the people of southwest,but for easy sailing in 2015.

    So what am trying to say here is that boko haram doesn't exist. Its a merely political motivated group whose purpose of forming ends in 2015,only if the north reclaim the position the claim to be their birthright,thats why you see them not reacting actively on the activicties of the sect.
    However, the senate president,David Mark openly said few days ago that "the code of silent by they northern leader shows that they are guilty as we assumed" that they are involved.
    Also the reaction of muslim leaders on the effect that US listed three of boko haram leader on there terrorist watch shows that,they aware of the manace of their children boko haram as they claimed.


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