Thursday 29 July 2010

My Cousin N

My cousin N is a doctor and a mother and a wife and an Msc and my cousin as I have already mentioned. When I grew up with N, she was only a medical student and my cousin, the other titles were still far in the future.

I remember the day N came. According to her I threw all the clothes out of her box, according to me I helped fold her clothes and put them neatly in a wardrobe. That's the thing about History. It's open to debate.

One thing that was undebatable was that N was an egg when she arrived. She was a yellow that turned an easy red whenever she smiled, whenever she cried, whenever she stayed in the kitchen for too long. Her voice was soft, her hands were soft and she was the only girl in her family.

If you had asked me to write a list of strong people when I was younger, I don't think my cousin N would have made it. Strength was not the yolk colour that is so prized in Nigeria, strength had a more booming voice and strength, never, ever cried.

Now N runs a house, has pushed out a kid, is jointly raising him, and somehow, she's still found time to move to England from Nigeria, get over the shock, get a Masters, get a job, maintain her much prized complexion and above all maintain a strong relationship with God.

N still turns red easily and she still has soft hands but I don't think she's an egg anymore... most of the time :)


  1. I'm surprised N hasn't commented on this post. I wonder if N would be pleased or not so much so. But what I wonder is whether you 'asbtw' are an egg. D

  2. Wow Anonynous, welcome to my blog. Please come more often. You've made the lonely posts very happy by commenting on them. I don't know if I'm an egg. I don't know if anyone in this 21st century can be sheltered enough to be an egg.


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