Sunday 25 September 2011

First Reading

So yours truly is going to sit down or stand and read some passages from my novel to an audience that will consist of at least my editor, her friend, my mum and my dad. I didn't put it up earlier because I couldn't find an internet link. There was only had a PDF document that I had to send via email. But now I have the link, so anyone interested may register and drop in. It's free. There will be light refreshment before I proceed. All details are here. Shout out to Kings College for being so kind. I'm glad I go to a uni where they support students in all their extra curricular endeavours.


  1. All the best, CHibundu. Wish I could make it.

  2. Oh, that's great. I trust that it will go well. Best wishes!

  3. Thanks guys. Myne you could always fly the thousands of miles necessary :) And amen o relentless builder. I hope it goes well.


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