Friday 2 September 2011

We Thank God

Of late people have been showing me a lot of love. I've gotten some very nice emails, people have said nice things about me, some people who I've never met have read articles about me and come up to me and said well done. It can get to ones head. Prov. 27:21 says, 'The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but man is tested by the praise he receives.' My father is someone who gets many compliments. People say nice things about him to his face, people say nice things about him behind his back, people generally say nice things about him. He always responds, 'We thank God.'

"Doctor that sermon you preached was very good."
"We thank God."
"Doctor, congrats on your new car."
"We thank God."
"Daddy, thank you for paying our school fees."
"We really thank God."

It's an attitude that I want to characterize my life. There's nothing good I have that is not from God. There is nothing bad in my life that has not been turned into good because of God. I used to think it was a little naff to say we thank God every time someone paid me a compliment, especially when they weren't a Christian. But now as I'm a little older, I begin to realise, who else will I thank? People email me, asking how I got a publisher like Faber? As if I had anything to do with it. Others have put in more work than me, others are more qualified than I am, others write better than I do but God was the one that gave me favour. Promotion comes neither from the east, nor the west, it comes from Heaven so the thanks must go there.


  1. It's only God o. Favor comes from Him and the glory shouldn't go to any man. Happy new month

  2. You will continue to experience His favor, love, joy, peace and every single good thing the Lord has to offer in Jesus' name. Amen.
    Random question: why do you have "On the way" as one of the labels for this post?

    Amara Uzoma

  3. Preach! Talent, favour and in fact our lives come from God so all the thanks must go to him. He made it, he takes teh credit for it. Shikena.


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