Sunday 15 August 2010


Revival is something that is high on the prayer requests of most Christians, yet until recently, I had no idea what the word really meant. You see when I thought of revival, I thought of large tents filled with thousands of people and one man on stage, bellowing, "You must be born again!"

Yet, what I've just described is a sign that there might be revival not actually revival itself because without revival, twelve thousand people in a tent, raising their hands to a song, is just a concert and a gathering of twelve million is exactly what it sounds like: a really, really, really big crowd.

The proof of a revival is not in the numbers but in the change. In Nigeria, every Sunday the churches overflow into the streets yet corruption is high, crime is high, illiteracy is high, wickedness and evil are at an all time record. We have the numbers for s revival, just not the results.

So now, when I pray for revival, I pray for one individual:myself. If my relationship with God is renewed, if I'm becoming more like Christ version of Chi***du every day single day, if I am free from the compromises that I so easily make, then in my own little corner I will bring change. One big revival that changes a nation is made up of little revivals that changed their household, their streets, their neighbourhoods.

God is looking for a man.


  1. Very true, very very true, nice one, keep up the good work.

  2. Wow
    ChiXXdu, I keep trying to figure out those two letters

  3. Well anonymous 2, one place to start is to get the number of Xs right :)

  4. i. love. this.
    i am also your no.1 asian fan :) keep speaking the truth abi

  5. is there any reason why you ended this with
    God is looking for a man?

  6. Well it's a quote from the Bible. In numerous places God is always searching for a man. Jer. 5:1 for example cos all He needs to make a major change in something is one person. Look at Moses, look at Esther,Jonah, Abraham, Saul, look at Jesus. If just one man or woman is willing to be used by God then great stuff will happen.


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