Sunday 26 September 2010

A Grand Design?

Out of all the things that Christians believe, I think a divine plan is becoming one of the hardest to swallow. I suppose it's because of this growing trend in exalting the random. A trillion random sequences later and there was the universe, a billion random mutations later and there was man and out of a million random sperm, one fused with an egg to form me.

It's easy to buy into this theory of randomness, especially as we don't have the grand perspective. All we see is random acts, random meetings, random bangs but if only we could go a little higher.

Unfortunately, on this side of death, we can only see in part (1 Corinthians 13) because that's all we can handle but we trust the One who sees the whole picture.

I don't know why my Uncle died of cancer leaving a wife and two kids, I don't know why you missed your University offer by one mark, I don't know why your father left home but despite everything, the Master Planner hasn't lost His train of thought where you and I are concerned.

It's not wishful thinking or self delusion that makes me believe this. It's not an unfounded optimism or groundless hope. It's because once you've caught just a little glimpse of the plan, then you clutch tightly to the One who has the map.

I once heard a famous person say, "I believe in God but it's not like I have a direct line or anything." Well, we've all been offered a direct line, through Jesus, and its up to us to choose if we're going to take it.

So if you're worried about a lack of direction or focus in your life, ask God with humility and He'll show you His plan. Not all of it but a glimpse that will be enough to sustain you through this seemingly random journey that we call Life.


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