Thursday 2 September 2010

I Was Not

I was not born to fulfil some man's fantasy of what the ideal woman should be.

I was not born to help him along to his destiny while mine languishes as I wait for him to glance at me.

I was not born to cook, to clean or wash the dishes.

I was not born to look, to be admired, or to grant him wishes.

I was not born to complete a man.

God made me whole.

I was not born to be thought for by a man.

God gave me a soul.

I was born to reach the destiny that God has set for me.

I was born to be the woman that God created me to be.


  1. Snap Snap Snap :) That was very nice.

  2. Yes. Now if only we could explain this to our people. *Hiss*

    The saddest part is that it is women who perpetuate these so-called ideals. I swear I don't blame men for having these stupid expectations cos their friends/girlfriends/mothers make it okay to expect Superwoman to pop out whenever they deem it fit. In short, well said.

  3. You should get your sister to read this.

  4. I like this.

  5. Ta y'all. And opium which sister has to read this and why?

  6. thank you for this. now, if only all women could realize it and stop helping men keep society patriarchal


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