Sunday 23 January 2011

Good News Rap

I used to think the Cross was like music,

It's not for you if you don't choose it.

Like some like rap, some people like blues,

Some like hip hop, others want old school.

But the Cross is way much more than a preference,

It's still for you even if you don't choose it,

Cos God loved us and He made the first move,

Came down from heaven, our lives to improve,

Died on a Friday,

Rose on a Sunday,

Saved the whole world before He got to Monday,

So next time you think that the Cross ain't for you

You didn't choose the Cross, the Cross chose you.


  1. Maybe you should add a vocal to the post, so we can get a better flavour ;)

  2. Do the fresh prince theme song beat in your head. It will work better. I promise.


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