Sunday 2 January 2011

New Year's Day Texts

The person who sends a mass Happy New Year!!!!! text is always at an advantage. With one blow, they bestow this greeting on their entire contact list. You on the other hand, the recipient, have to rack your brain to personally respond to this text. I suppose you could just forward them back the text they sent you,

Friend: Happy New Year God Bless You
You: Happy New Year God Bless You

But social etiquette states that one must not reply a seasonal greeting with a seasonal greeting and Christianese demands that you reply a prayer with an even more elegantly phrased prayer. Still, I love receiving mass Season's Greetings and spending hours mulling over how to reply to each one. Here are some of the best I got/saw this year.

HNY- Happy New Year from a friend who couldn't be bothered to type it out in full.

2011 dawns with new hopes, new dreams and new beginnings from an Ever-gracious Father. I am delighted that we still have quite a way to go. Thanks for being in my 2010 and see you in the New Year! Bless, - from a poetic friend who realises the power of the three fold.

May your happiness increase like fuel prices in Ghana, your troubles fall like the Zimbabwean dollar value. May your love and joy increase like corruption in Nigeria. May your enemies struggle like they need American visa. Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year - from a rather ironic friend.

Happy new year peeps and have a wonderful, incredible, adventurous, lovely, romantic, successful, nice, sweet, cool, uncompromised blessed year - From a friend who loves his adjective. My favourite is uncompromised. Spell check tells me it isn't a word but what do they know :p

I wish you happiness, fruitfulness, Joy, blessings unending, God's divine favours as your vanguard and His mercies your rear guard as I welcome you this New Year of Evidence. -from a relative who wanted to be in the army and is currently gathering evidence for a court case.

Hello beautiful people of God. Happy New Year. May the Lord keep you and bless you abundantly this New Year. I love you sooooo much. But most importantly God love you. - One of my favourites.

May God's richest blessings be upon you and yours both today and throughout 2011 - and may those blessings flow through you to touch the lives of everyone you meet. Happy New Year! - I really like this one as well because it reminds me that I'm blessed to be a blessing to others.

Credit Alert!!
Account Number : 31122010
Depositor: God Almighty
Amount: Divine Favour
Balance: Long Life, Good Health and Abundant Goodness
Details: Happy New Year

And with that folks I rest my case. Have a wonderful 2011.


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  2. Very nice. I like that "very ironic one". And I did send the last one. Okay, here's one from me here now since I don't have your cellphone number.
    "Happy New Year, Chibundu. May your enemies be as confused as those folks in the Tower of Babel and face crisis like Cote d' Ivoire this year."

    P.S. Its Eromo Egbejule.

  3. Happy New Year to you too Eromo! Hope you have a great one.


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