Friday 25 November 2011

A Cover

I had absolutely no input in this. I cannot take any credit at all, at all. My idea was very obvious and cliché. I imagined a photograph of a girl sitting in a back seat looking out of a window and in the distance a hawker would be running after her. I know. Terrible. I'm very thankful that they didn't take me up.

The Faber design team did such an excellent job. I spent a very long time screaming when I saw the final version. Look at the blurry Lagos in the background and the leaves at the top of the page. It's so pretty. It makes me wish I could draw. Having a cover makes the book much more real. We thank God.

The top of my blog template also has leaves like the cover. Complete coincidence.


  1. Hey this is awesome dear... cant wait to read the book! Cheers...

  2. Congrats, it's beautiful! Can't wait to read it :)

  3. Congrats, this is beautiful, and yeah it does have an uncanny resemblance to your blog background :)

  4. Thanks guys. I hope you find the book worth the wait.

  5. Nice cover..Congrats on your book

  6. Congrats on the cover. It looks beautiful and shows a kind of natural ambience brought out by artistry in the leaves at the top page. I can't wait to read the pages that will be going amidst this beautiful cover.


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